A sample itinerary

Here is a sample itinerary for your dog’s day at Paws 4 A Day School:


Dogs arrive and are checked in. A body and health check is done. They have free play in yard or indoor playroom with members of staff. They will have access to play equipment and toys. Interaction with other dogs and members of staff will happen during this time.

9am to 10 am

Structured learning time. This will either be group training in which they in a group (sit or door control etc) or individually where the learning may be targeted to specific difficulties for the dogs in front of us.

10am until noon

Group activities. Staff-arranged, to include an enrichment programme of some description. This could be time in the sensory garden, scenting exercises, games, scatter feeding, ball pool play, water play, sand pit exploration, birthday parties, bubble play etc. All the time, staff will be watching for good behaviour and marking and rewarding it.


Feeding time for all dogs that have lunch. They will be fed separately by a member of staff.


Chill and rest time in the quiet area on either sofas, beds, or open crates unless dogs are habituated to a closed crate. Soft classical music will be played, or a story read to them by a member of staff. Sleep will be encouraged, but not forced. This is also when dogs who love human company and a snuggle can get one.


Second session of structured learning; again either group or individual needs.

4pm until close

Free play and afternoon body and health checks until time to say “goodnight”.