Paws 4 A Day Puppy School

What about the patter of tiny feet…
Yes – Puppy school!

Correct socialisation of your puppy is so important!!

It is vital your puppy learns to socialise with all different types of dogs, people , objects, noises, surfaces, smells and much more from a young age. This will help your pup grow to be a balanced, social happy dog. Here at Paws 4 a day Puppy school we understand puppies needs are different to an adult dog.

Puppies will generally be kept in a separate area to adult dogs but once ready for it will be introduced to specially chosen older dogs for socialisation reasons. We want all exposure to be positive so this will be done in a controlled supervised manner.

In the puppy school your puppy of up to 1 year depending on size of dog will learn how to interact correctly with other puppies,’ bigger dogs, novelty, people and much more in a carefully controlled manner.

They will learn to interact with breeds of all sizes and this is really beneficial for shy or nervous dogs or even at the other end of the spectrum puppies who are over the top with boisterous play. They are taught important life skills such as confidence, impulse control, calmness, focus, flexibility, listening, recall and much more.

They will have plenty of time for rest and sleep as it’s so important for their health at this age.

Does your puppy:

  • Bite or mouth your hands or feet?
  • Jump up?
  • Chase after your children, nipping them ?
  • Get over-tired and doesn’t know how to switch off?
  • Struggle to wear a harness or lead?
  • Not like to be alone?

Paws 4 a day is ideal for your Puppies care needs and their basic training requirements, If you require a specific tailored package extra training can be purchased.

We also offer training courses so you can come in and work with your puppy on what we are learning in class so that you can continue the training at home.

Your puppy can join the Puppy School as soon as they have completed their relevant vaccination course.