Our Mission

Here at Paws 4 a Day we know that dogs are not just LIKE family – they ARE family.

We go beyond a traditional day care centre we combine an excellent standard of care with the latest scientifically proven fun positive training methods and enrichment to meet both their physical and emotional needs.

The safety and well-being of our guests are our No 1 priority… we are committed to providing a safe, clean healthy and loving environment for every dog and person that enters our school.

Every dog and person should be treated with respect care and compassion.

This is why we have an extensive range of policies that ourselves and staff member must adhere to. You can ask to view the policies whenever you like.

Flexible Playgroups

We match your dog with dogs of similar temperaments and play styles when ever possible so that they can enjoy and benefit from their day in school.

This creates a safer social environment for them to play in. We give them a healthy balance of learning; enrichment play and rest.

We also have lower dog to staff ratios to offer more individual attention, education, and care.

Group Training

The skills taught in training helps dogs practise recalls, sits, door control. We do this in a fun rewarding manner and help improve behaviour and impulse control, which in turn prevents the dog going over threshold and therefore creates a safer environment.

Rest time

We aim to help dogs to relax with calming music, calming touches and massages, reading them a story, and calming enrichment activities such as calming interactive food toys, if they are habituated to a crate and can have their own space. Rest and sleep both cement the learning they have received plus helps achieve that healthy balance of learning rest and play we strive to achieve.

One-to-one enrichment sessions and training

These sessions give the dogs that extra attention where we can work on specific individually tailored struggles that the dog seems to have. Enrichment through using all their senses in a safe environment and to utilize their natural doggy instincts, through interactive puzzles, scenting, digging etc.

The dogs will find these sessions of training and enrichment both fun and rewarding giving them the mental stimulation they need.

Some of the training they may receive through this session may be sit, down, stand, loose lead walking and much more. Extra sessions can be paid for.
Due to Paws 4 a Days extensive schedule your dog will return home socialised, mentally and physically tired and the skills they need to be a well-mannered member of your family.