Frequently-asked Questions

At Paws 4 A Day we are not breedist and accept any breed of dog if It is not banned in the UK. What is more important to us is the temperament of the dog so if your dog is socialised around other dogs and not reactive to them then after an assessment, they will be happily allowed to join the school regardless of breed.

Yes, we accept any age of dog if they are fully vaccinated or have a current titre test certificate. Puppies will be spending the majority of the time in a separate area from the older dogs. Seniors or quiet dogs can enjoy the calm area. Obviously, we will always let you know if we don’t think your dog is suitable or not enjoying the day school experience.

Yes, our day school and staff are fully insured for your piece of mind.

Yes! We have a 5-star rating from Rotherham Borough Council. The licence number is: LN/049106

Of course, you can, but appointments will be needed as we lock the gates for security reasons once we are all in, in fact we insist you do as your dog as to undergo a short assessment before he can join the school.

We do not offer daily walks as part of the school curriculum as your dog would be exhausted after a day in school and walks, but there may be times we may organise a school excursion but you will be made aware of this and agreed to it.

Yes booking is necessary and you will have a contract with regular scheduled day/s in each week. We do not accept dogs into Day School on an adhoc basis for the good of all.

Paws 4 A Day have a strict policy of only accepting socialized dogs. This ensures that we have happy classrooms, playrooms and gardens and minimises squabbles between dogs, due to this we find it is very rare we have anything other than a grumble. Obviously, necessary adjustments would be made if we noticed 2 dogs were not getting on.

Your dog does not have to have received any formal training before being allowed to Day School. In fact, it may be one of the reasons you fetch your puppy/dog to us to receive some basic training and to learn to play appropriately with other dogs. Of course, we will not accept any reactive dogs so we may ask you to resolve this issue with training before being accepted. All training in our school uses positive fun games-based methods and reinforcement.

Yes, here at Paws 4 A Day school we understand the importance of rest and sleep and your dog/puppies will be actively encouraged to take regular rest breaks. After any training sessions sleep is important to cement that learning. We don’t want over tired dogs who then can’t listen and make bad choices so that is why rest/calm and sleep are on our schedule. We have plenty of dog beds, large comfy sofas, and crates for those who are habituated to them and need limited choice making decisions to allow them to sleep.

We may be able to offer transportation to and from school, if we can. We have a flat rate within 3 miles; further than that, please ask us for a quote. 

We ask owners not to fetch toys into Day School as 90% of arguments that occur between dogs in this environment are due to possession issues over food, toy, which is why at Paws 4 A Day we have this policy in place. Your dog will have plenty of activities to do and things to amuse them so rest assured they wont miss “that toy”

Yes, before our dogs go to rest time, we have scheduled feeding times for any dog fetching lunch with them. Each dog requiring lunch will be fed in a separate area.

Late fees are in operation, which must be paid on collection. Please see our Hours & Prices page for full details.