Pre-school visit

Before your pup can come to school, you’ll need to complete a registration form and arrange an assessment for your dog, in which we assess their temperament and ensure they are happy to join our day school.

Don’t worry! This is a lot of fun for them, and they’ll get to meet lots of potential new friends in the process. (Please see our FAQ if you are uncertain about anything.)

Once they’ve passed this stage, we’ll ensure they receive a warm welcome to the rest of the pack by introducing them at the most appropriate time. We’ll tailor this process to match the dogs we have currently and your dog’s temperament so we can gain their trust and start to build their confidence right away.

New dogs are introduced to a small group in a dedicated area of the school. Each dog is different, and we welcome them into the pack in a manner that appeals to their individual needs, temperament and personality.

Timid dogs are given plenty of time to adjust at their own pace and even dogs that arrive with few social skills quickly make new friends.

Dogs will thoroughly enjoy this new social interaction and after a full day at Paws 4 A Day School, all dogs will come home relaxed ready for a chilled-out evening cuddling up with you on the sofa or laying in their beds.

Your dog’s trial lasts for 20 hours of school time after that they will graduate to become a full member of the class – with a certificate to prove it.

Once this process is complete, your dog will be welcome at the school as often as you like.

Please use the CONTACT page to arrange your assessment.