About Paws 4 A Day School

About the school

What benefits will my dog, or dogs, receive from attending day school?

They will:

  • Get the best care, in a safe, secure, fun environment
  • Learn to make friends of their own species as well as new human friends
  • Burn off that excessive energy that a lot of working breeds and puppies have, but in a controlled manner
  • Be a dog using the skills they were bred for
  • Follow a structured programme so that all their needs both physically and mentally are met
  • Be taught basic life skills – both as a group and individually. If a dog as a specific problem, extra sessions can be bought
  • Have all their enrichment needs met using all their five senses
  • They will have access to a sensory garden with windmills and chimes, plus herbs that are dog friendly – which they can use a self selection for health benefits if they need them
  • Enjoy a specific time in the day where they are encouraged to chill and sleep. This ensures your dog will not end up over-tired and unable to think properly. Sleep and rest are so important in a dogs day

What else do we offer

  • Our flooring is non-slip; in fact it is the same as is used in schools, to prevent children slipping even when the floor is wet
  • A separate play area for puppies, but we do integrate them, once ready, with the older dogs, so that they learn to interact with all breeds and ages of dogs
  • A separate, quiet, relaxation area where the dogs can choose to take themselves if they are feeling tired or just want to chill for a while
  • Both outdoor and indoor play and training areas, with outdoor areas shaded from the sun and heated indoor areas for the winter months

What will I as a pet parent receive from my dog attending day school?

  • Peace of mind knowing that my dog is being cared for in a loving environment, rather than being bored alone at home
  • The ability to get on with your work without that constant worry or checking of cameras that you may have set up in your home
  • Peace from a dog who is bored all day at home, and which finds something to do… which may be not something you as a pet parent will like!

It is worth taking a Paws for a moment to ask yourselves is our day school suitable for your dogs. I know as a qualified trainer that not all dogs would enjoy the experience of being in a school for dogs.

So before booking it is worth taking the time to think about whether your dog likes being in busy environments with other dogs and people.

We do have other services that may suit your dogs needs more.

The following dogs may not be suitable for Day School

  • Unvaccinated dogs/puppies unless they have a current titre test showing they are immune
  • Females in season
  • Dogs that have not been socialised and may fetch out reactivity in group play (it may be that they just need some training first)
  • Dogs that have the tendency to “bully other dogs”
  • “Fun Police” dogs – the ones that want to stop the other dogs having fun – may not do well in a dog school environment