Welcome to Paws 4 A Day Doggie Day School

Give your pooch a proper education!

Here at Paws 4 A Day, we like to turn out well-educated dogs, who are both well-mannered, socialised and happy.

And what better way for them to learn their life lessons than  in our daycare – whilst you work or relax, happy in the knowledge that not only are they safe, but also getting a great education!

Have you a dog:

  • That is bored at home possibly being destructive?
  • Who is barking for attention whilst you’re trying to work from home?
  • Who struggles with being left alone?
  • With high energy, needs more than you have time to give?
  • That needs to learn manners and life skills?

Have you a puppy:

  • Who needs correct forms of socialising?
  • Who needs care during the day whilst you’re at work?

If you have any of these, then Paws 4 a Day school is just for you!!

What we are

Whether it is for a few hours or the entire day, boredom, lounging around the house and excess energy can lead to separation anxiety, barking and destructive behaviour. We are here to help you with all these struggles.

Paws 4 a day is a paradise for dogs and a relief for pet parents. Pet owners can go to work knowing their pup is in safe hands and best of all having fun whilst being taught those vital life skills to be a well rounded and confident dog.

Paws 4 a day is not just a day care centre – it’s a school for dogs in a safe secure environment.

We have a structured programme of fun, play, lessons, enrichment using all senses, calm rest cuddle time and the most important sleep.

Your dogs will return to you happy content and ready to relax in the evenings.

They will spend the day running playing games with other dogs and with staff members, having short training sessions, enriching activities, calm-down time with staff, and active sleep. We have lots of play equipment to keep them occupied and ways of mentally tiring them too.

Our staff are all trained in canine body language and canine first aid and our owners and managers are highly trained and qualified in running a day care centre.

Jane and Paul are the owners and founders of Paws 4 a day. Both are qualified trainers.

Paul is a qualified Hoopers Trainer and also a trainer for Dogs for autism; as well as assisting Jane with training classes and behaviour cases.

Jane is accredited and certificated in numerous organisations such as PDT, DTC, IMDT, ADBT and as trained with people such as Sarah Whitehead, Dr Ian Dunbar, Victoria Stillwell (all world-renowned dog trainers) she is also a member of the PPG and the PPN.

Both Paul and Jane continue with the training of themselves with continued CPD.

They believe in the saying: “If your trainer doesn’t have a trainer, get another trainer!”.

Paws 4 a day’s training ethos is one of “kind, effective fun and reward-games-based training”.

So you may be assured no harsh methods of teaching will be used at all.

What we are not

We are not a large day care centre that allow 50 or more dogs to run around all day just to tire them out. SO, if that’s what you need, we are not the place for you.
Nor do we send home over-tired dogs which then can’t make right choices; allowing the danger of reactivity between them.
A high ratio of staff to dogs is our credo – so that individual attention can be had at several times during the day.
We want to enrich your dog’s life with fun and play but in a more structured way.

We can also offer pick up and drop off for your dogs by DBS checked staff in airconditioned caged vehicles.

Please note: there is an extra charge for this service dependent on where you live.